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Did you know that you have the ability to help the media present more accurate and less skewed coverage of the gun control issue? When you see biased coverage, contact the reporting outlet and lodge a protest. Likewise, if you see a positive story relating to gun ownership, reach out and thank them for the piece and encourage similar segments in the future.



Senator Roy Blunt

2012 NRA Members Meeting

"Those Supreme Court Justices need to understand that our Constitution is our Constitution, and it means what it says," Senator Roy Blunt, father of Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, addresses NRA members at the Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum for the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis, Missouri, "I intent to be ALL IN. I intend to do everything I can to see that we decide to be not who somebody else is, but who we are: the greatest, freest country in the history of the world."