Animal “Rights” Extremists Attacking North Carolina’s Hunting Heritage

Posted on April 17, 2009


Several bills have been introduced in North Carolina that are strongly supported by the anti-hunting Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  This organization is promoting similar anti-hunting bills throughout the United States, and North Carolina is one state HSUS has targeted as a priority. 

NRA is working closely with several groups that support the interests of dog owners that use dogs for hunting, to defeat bills designed by HSUS to attack virtually all dog owners and dog breeders.  Three bills-- Senate  Bill 460, House Bill 460, and House Bill 733 -- target dog breeders, creating a new classification of "commercial breeder," along with licensing and operation standards promoted by HSUS.  Two bills-- Senate Bill 695 and House Bill 626 -- create restrictions on how responsible dog owners may keep their animals by imposing onerous guidelines on tethering.  Finally, three bills-- Senate Bill 515, Senate Bill 739, and House Bill 1253--would prohibit the licensed hunting preserves used for the hunting of coyotes and foxes using dogs.  These preserves, which are currently regulated under North Carolina law, provide a traditional and common means for training hunting dogs.

It is imperative that you contact your legislators TODAY and urge them to work with NRA and groups like the North Carolina Sporting Dog Association (NCSDA), the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs (NCFDC), and the American Kennel Club (AKC), to ensure that the radical agenda of HSUS is rejected.

Also, please contact the following House and Senate Leaders, and urge them to support responsible hunters who use dogs in their hunting activities:

Senate Leadership 

State Senator Marc Basnight (D-1), President Pro Tem of Senate
(919) 733-6854

State Senator Tony Rand (D-19), Rules Chairman in the Senate
(919) 733-9892

State Senator Bob Atwater (D-18), Chairman of Senate Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Committee
(919) 715-3036

House Leadership

State Representative Joe Hackney (D-54), Speaker of the House

State Representative Hugh Holliman (D-18), Majority Leader in the House

State Representative Bill Owens (D-1), Rules Chairman in the House

State Representative Arthur Williams (D-6), Chairman of House Wildlife Committee

Finally, S460 and H733 could be heard in committee as early as next week.  Please contact the members of the Senate Commerce Committee for S460, and the members of the House Agriculture Committee for H733, and urge them to work with NRA, NCSDA, NCFDC, and AKC to protect the interests of responsible dog owners.  Contact information for the Senate Commerce Committee can be found by clicking here.  Contact information for the House Agriculture Committee can be found here.